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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Black Cloud Strikes Again!

Remember how I told you before that it seems like my family always has this black cloud over our heads? Well it strikes again. This cloud is mostly over my poor husband who can't seem to catch a break from it. If you looked in the dictionary under unlucky you would see his face! The poor man always has something happening to him. For example about 3 months ago he was at the bank on his lunch break simply depositing a check, well wouldn't you know the bank was robbed as he was in there. The robber was 2 tellers down from him demanding money with a gun tucked under his jacket. The robber left thankfully no one was hurt, but the bank was on lock down for awhile with  my husband inside. Just last evening he was taking papers to a client for work and on his way back to work got a flat tire, no biggie right, well not for him. The lug nut was on very tight (my husband is a pretty strong guy so this thing must have really been tight) as he was trying everything to get the nut off the wrench fell and went into the sewer drain really leaving him stranded. He now has to wait for his dad to come with another tool to help him get it off. It took 3 guys to get the thing off and he made it home safe but......he thinks he broke his hand trying to get the tire off. He hates going to the Dr.'s so we will see how it is tomorrow. Hopefully he didn't break it, but I will keep you posted. I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend.

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  1. Man he's got bad luck! I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope he's okay.