I am so glad you stopped by. This blog is all about getting things for free. Yes there is such a thing as FREE, and I will show you how to get these items. As we know not EVERYTHING in life is free so for those things I will show you how and where to find deals. I live for finding deals and get such a high when I find a good one. Not only do I love finding deals but I love being a wife and mother. This blog will not only be about the deals that I find but about the daily joys and struggles as a parent.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone. I am so sorry that I have been MIA for awhile but my computer was down and we finally got it back thanks to one of my wonderful brother in laws. I will be updating my deals tonight. I first wanted to share a picture of all the FREE stuff that I received this past week. Well sorry it wasn't free it was .17 cents (I had to pay tax on my free bottle of shampoo!).

 In the picture you have the free Melissa and Doug chalk/white board and letter and numbers that I got for signing up for USA Baby (there was a post on it last week). The tote bag and 4 boxes of organic tea was from a company that I belong to that allows me to sample things then I write reviews for what I had sampled. I had a coupon for a bottle of herbal essence shampoo or conditioner, I received the tide to go pen from facebook freebies. You can hardly see it but there is a bottle of antibacterial soap from Giant Eagle that was free from a register coupon. I signed up to get the travel sized bottle of deoderant. I was sent a coupon for therma care heat wrap. I was also sent a coupon for a free Earth's Best product and finally I scored travel sized body lotion, shower gel and body mist from Bath and Body works for being a part of their club (details on that will follow, you get free stuff every month!) THIS WAS ALL IN ONE WEEK!  If you follow the blog you too will be able to get this much free stuff!

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