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Friday, February 18, 2011

What A Day!

What a day it has been. It all started this morning when we woke up and our internet was down. That wasn't a big problem because I really needed to do some cleaning and the computer would have been a distraction anyway. I got the girls and I some breakfast, got dressed and headed out the door to run some errands before it got to late in the day. Our first stop was the library. I wanted to look at something on the computer and I told the girls we could go play and check out some books. We head to the computers. I am equipped with lollipops (i know it was only a little after 10 and they have lollipops, but you gotta do what works!) to give them so that they will sit and be quite as I look on the computer. I sit them down get out the lollipops and I sit down to browse. Izzy (my youngest) starts screaming shoes, she wants her shoes off. She will not stop crying until I take them off, so I did. Then she wanted her jacket off. Now that she was settled I frantically start to look at what I was there to look at before something else happens. Just then a guy down the row of computers starts to cough. Then Izzy coughs. Ok hahaha funny. Then the guy goes into a coughing fit, and so does Izzy. As I am sitting there I can feel my face getting hot because I am so embarrassed. The guy across from me is cracking up laughing but I don't dare make eye contact with him. I hurry up and finish and we go to the kid section check out books and leave.

We are now heading to the dollar store because the girls each received a dollar in their goodie bag from Valentine's Day that  their PapPap gave them. I told them that they could go there and pick something out. We get there and Brynn picks out a Little Mermaid Puzzle, and Izzy picks out a Mickey Mouse figure. We get our stuff and each girl has a bag. We head out to the car. As we get across the street into the parking lot I hear Izzy yelling bag, bag. It was very windy here today and her bag blew away. It goes under a car, not where I can easily get it but directly under the middle of the car. I am now thinking how in the world am I going to get this bag. Just then and I am not kidding when I say just then this guy appears with a long metal pole. It was very creepy and strange as to where he came from! I am thinking how did I miss this guy walking with a huge pole and why does he have it?  He lays down on the road and with his very long pole retrieves the bag. I say thank you and we are on our way. This time I am holding both of the girls' bags. I wish I would have looked back to see where the man went did he disappear into the cornfields??? For whatever reason he was there I am thankful that he came to my rescue.

Finally we are off to Costco. Now don't judge me on this because I am sure that all of you at one time or another have gone to either Sam's Club or Costco to get samples. Well this was our lunch today. Yes I took the girls to Costco to eat and not to eat at their eatery, but to get FREE samples(this wasn't the only reason we went I needed some groceries as well).We filled up on pizza, potato pot sticks, cranberry juice, crackers and cheese, spinach dip, breaded chicken, soup, and chocolate cake.  I think we did pretty well I know I was full and the girls were not complaining.

We make it home without anything else happening.  I am very thankful for the weather these past couple of days.  I was able to take Brynn outside to play this afternoon while Izzy was taking her nap. Brynn loved it and I hope that the weather stays nice for awhile.  I hope all of you have a great weekend.


  1. OMG how weird about the random guy with a pole!

    I love Costco and their free samples. :)

  2. don't be so sure...i have never gone anywhere just to get free samples