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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Ok, how many of you like to go grocery shopping?  I have to admit I love it. That is the one time a month that I KNOW that I will be by myself. Who ever thought that before you had kids that you would be excited to go grocery shopping? I did my monthly grocery shopping trip tonight and had a nice relaxing time.  It is so nice to not have to rush, walk up and down the aisles without having children trying to jump out of the cart, asking for everything they see, or fighting because someone is touching someone else. I walked into the store tonight took out my list, coupons and calculator (yes I take a calculator, I have to stay on budget!) took a nice relaxing deep breath and started my shopping experience. I wasn't running to get out of the store before one of my children had a meltdown instead I was walking at a nice pace and really looking at things for a change. I heard a few kids screaming but they were not mine so I didn't care. For the hour and a half that I was shopping I didn't hear my name once it was very nice. After my shopping trip and 2 carts later I was still smiling when I walked out of the store. You would have thought that I just walked out of a nice day at the spa.  I guess what I am trying to write and to get across is no matter where you find your "relaxing" time make sure you take that. We all deserve some time to ourselves even if it is at the grocery store!

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  1. I know that feeling! It's a blessing to be alone and not hear MOMMY!