I am so glad you stopped by. This blog is all about getting things for free. Yes there is such a thing as FREE, and I will show you how to get these items. As we know not EVERYTHING in life is free so for those things I will show you how and where to find deals. I live for finding deals and get such a high when I find a good one. Not only do I love finding deals but I love being a wife and mother. This blog will not only be about the deals that I find but about the daily joys and struggles as a parent.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I hope you are staying warm!

Ocean View Wallpaper
How many of you wish you were somewhere like this right now? I do. I have had enough of this freezing cold weather.  If you are not experiencing the bitter cold where you live could you please send some of your warmth to Western PA?  It has been so cold that I haven't even felt like going anywhere the past couple of days. Today the girls and I finally ventured out, but it was so I could get FREE stuff.  I scored a bunch of freebies today that I will tell you about in a later post.  This week has been great for FREEBIES for me as I will post a picture, hopefully by Monday of all the free stuff that I got. I hope that I am not harming my children when it comes to cheap/free things! Today as we were walking through the mall at the food court they had people standing there with FREE samples of food (you know what I a talking about).  Well as we were walking past both Brynn and Isabella hold out their hand for a free sample. I felt a bit embarassed as it looked like I never feed my children. Also today at the mall we walked into the Disney store to browse around.  Brynn was asking me if she could get something, I told her no it was too expensive and she said could we get a coupon and get it someday? I laughed and said maybe someday. I am proud in a way that they are picking up on being frugal shoppers and I hope that as they get older they continue to look for deals and shop wisely.

This eveing Brynn and I were filling out her Valentines that she picked out (of course they were Scooby Doo, she is in love with him) for our moms group Valentines Party Tomorrow. As she is searching for just the right one for the name that I had given to her it brought back memories of elementary school when I filled out my valentines.  You would look for the ones that said I like your or you are special for that boy/girl you had a crush on. Then on the day of the party you would look through your valentines that were in your box and see if anyone had a crush on you and hopefully if you did it was the same person you were crushing on! I wonder if that still goes on today? Anyway, just a trip down memory lane there for a bit. Stay tuned tomorrow for Food Friday as I will have some yummy recipes to share.


  1. you are going to turn your kids into hoarders too!!!

  2. I guess i missed the hoarder part, but I don't think brittian is a hoarder by any means.Who doesn't like a great deal. Free things do not equal hoarder!

    Anyway, I totally wish i was in hawaii right now!!