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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Free Stuff That I Got This Week!

Ok here is a picture of all the free stuff that I got this week. I really did hit the jackpot this week with freebies. As you can see all the stuff is laid out on a pink princess toddler bed. Yes that was also free. I found it on a website called freecycle. If you have never heard of it consider it like an online yard sale but everything is free. What you do is sign up for your area and then you can go on the your areas freecycle cite and it will have things posted that are available, or if you are looking for something you can post that too and if someone has it and wants to get rid of it they will contact you. This toddler bed looks like it is in perfect condition and retails for around $60 but I got it for free! The jeans, dental floss, ibuprofen, panty liners, finish dishwasher detergent, toothpaste and curel hand lotion all came from target using coupons.  The deodorant and collage picture came from Walgreens, I had a coupon for the deodorant and the picture was from the Walgreens 7 days of photo deals. I got the Maalox from walmart using a coupon.  The SPRY tooth and gum treatment came from the moms group I sample things for and give them reviews on the products. And finally in the mail I received a free packet of soup and a coupon for a free coffee mate creamer. This is just an example of why you need to start clipping and saving coupons from the Sunday paper! Make sure to get your coupons tomorrow!!!

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  1. That totally rocks!!! You did a great job this week! You should make a list of what you got each week and how much it would have cost without coupons. It's cool to see how it adds up over time.