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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lets Talk Tuesday: What was the best deal/freebie you have ever received?

Welcome to our first Lets Talk Tuesday.  This Tuesday is a pretty broad question.  Some Tuesdays the topic will be centered towards certain people.  My question for everyone today is What was the best deal or freebie you have ever received? I have received many deals and freebies over the last year so I will list some of my favorites.  I have recently received a free Calvin Klein 2 piece bathing suit (I bought this with a free credit that I had for an online daily deal site). By using swagbucks I have been able to get many freebies as well. Among those was a WOWEE Alive Cub Mini, Zippity princess game, set of Melissa and Doug wooden blocks, a Leapster Explorer Toy Story 3 game, and a Tag Jr book. As far as deals I think the best was the Toy Story Tag Jr that I was able to get at Target for 6.00 before Christmas.  I was also able to find some really good deals on toys at Target after Christmas such as a play train set, a tag and tag jr book, a play quitar and 2 sleeping bags.  These were all deals/freebies that I have received in the past year. I would have to say the BEST freebie that I have EVER received was meeting my husband and having our wonderful family.  Now it is your turn! Please leave a comment below and tell me what the best deal/freebie was that you have ever received.


  1. the best freebie I ever got was a great sister-in-law

  2. Hmmmm...best freebie/deal...let me think....

    Probably one of the one that I was most excited about at the time was the Smart Cycle that I bought at Target about a year ago when they were doing inventory. There were about 10 of them. The original price said "$80" on sale for $20! Score one for the kiddo! I was able to get a book for it that was something like $3 too. It has been up in the attic since then, but I think maybe the Easter Bunny is going to bring something big....darn my son for being born at Christmas....it's so hard to get him big toys between birthdays.

    I was also pretty stoked when I was able to find this $80 electronic something or other that was brought back to Target and marked down to something like $35...plus they were doing a $10 off coupon at the time. I got it for , whatever...$25...something like that.....I was then able to sell it on ebay for more than twice what I paid for it! Score one for me!

    I love to beat the system!

  3. Thank you so much for commenting. It really means a lot!

  4. I know it girl! I've been rowing the same boat for a while....was talking to myself for who knows how long!!! It's nice to know that people are listening to you and you are not alone! :)

    Plus you have deals that even IIIII didn't know about! And I just can't pass up a deal!